What is Interim Certification as per ISM code?

Interim DOC is issued to facilitate:

  • When the company is newly established.
  • New ship types are to be added to the existing DOC.

An interim DOC is issued for a period of 12months. Within this timeframe the company has to bring all plans and procedures in full force onboard the new types of vessels.
A copy of the interim DOC is to be carried onboard. This copy does not need to be authenticated or certified.

How /when interim SMC is issued?

Interim SMC is issued:

  • To new ships on delivery.
  • When a company takes on the responsibility for the operation of a ship which is new to the company.
  • When a ship changes its flag.

Interim SMC is issued for a period of 6months. Under special circumstances, this can be further extended to a max of 6 more months from the date of expiry.