What is General Requirements for Stowage of Cargo ?

Following are general requirements for stowage of cargo :

  • Foodstuff and fine goods –stowed clear of other cargoes that may taint them
  • Heavy packages – stowed on the floor and lighter ones on top.
  • Fragile and light cargoes –stowed on the tween deck.
  • Packages should not stowed in such a manner or position that they may tilt either way (eg. At turn of the bilge)
  • Incompatible cargoes –stowed in separate compartments.
  • Heavy cargoes served by derricks of adequate capacity.
  • Adequate stability on departure and at every stage of voyage thereafter.
  • Valuable cargoes – stowed in such a position that risk of pilferage is eliminated or minimised.
  • Ensure draft not exceeded.
  • Ensure vessel’s stresses within allowable limit


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