What is Emergency Towing Booklet or ETB manual and its contents?

SOLAS Reg. II -1 requires that all ships should be equipped with an Emergency Towing Booklet manual. Scope of this plan is to document how a ship is fitted with emergency towing arrangements. Plan is developed in line with IMO Legislaiton Plan Approval by the Administration or a Recognised Organisation (RO) on behalf of the Administration NOT mandatory, however manual may be examined by attending surveyors as part of  an ISM Audit.

 Contents of  ETB :
  • Key Towing Information
  • List of Facilities
  • Towing Operations
  • Decision Making Matrix
  • Typical Towing Patterns
  • Typical Examples of the Procedures for Connecting Towing Lines
  • Organization and Training
  • Maintenance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vessel Plans
Plans Required
  • Ship Specific Information .
  • Arrangement of mooring equipment plan
  • Bollard plans
  • Rollers plans
  • Any other mooring related plan available.
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