What is carriage requirement of liferaft on ships as per SOLAS?

As per SOLAS chapter III, regulation 31

All cargo ships constructed before 1 July 1986 shall carry:

  • one or more liferafts capable of being launched on either side of the ship and of such aggregate capacity as will accommodate the total number of persons on board.
  • The liferaft or liferafts shall be equipped with a lashing or an equivalent means of securing the liferaft which will automatically release it from a sinking ship; and
  • where the horizontal distance from the extreme end of the stem to the nearest end of the closest survival craft is more than 100 m, in addition to the liferafts required
  • A liferaft stowed as far forward , or one as far forward at, as is reasonable and practicable. such liferaft or liferafts may be securely fastened so as to permit manual release.