What is Bundling of bulk grain?

Bundling is  an alternative to filling the saucer in a filled, trimmed, compartment with bagged grain or other suitable cargo a bundle of bulk grain may be used provided that:
  1. The dimensions and means for securing the bundle in place are the same as specified for a saucer in grain code.
  2. The saucer is lined with a material acceptable to the Administration having a tensile strength of not less than 2,687 N per 5 cm strip and which is provided with suitable means for securing at the top.
  3. A material acceptable to the Administration having a tensile strength of not less than 1,344 N per 5 cm strip may be used if the saucer is constructed as follows:
    • Athwart ship lashings acceptable to the Administration shall be placed inside the saucer formed in the bulk grain at intervals of not more than 2.4 m. These lashings shall be of sufficient length to permit being drawn up tight and secured at the top of the saucer.
    • Dunnage not less than 25 mm in thickness or other suitable material of equal strength and between 150 mm and 300 mm in width shall be placed fore and aft over these lashings to prevent the cutting or chafing of the material which shall be placed thereon to line the saucer.
    • The saucer shall be filled with bulk grain and secured at the top except that when using material approved under grain code further dunnage shall be laid on top after lapping the material before the saucer is secured by setting up the lashings.
    • If more than one sheet of material is used to line the saucer they shall be joined at the bottom either by sewing or by a double lap.
    • The top of the saucer shall be coincidental with the bottom of the beams when these are in place and suitable general cargo or bulk grain may be placed between the beams on top of the saucer.