What Is Annual Verification Of Documents Of Compliance ( DOC)?

 Annual verification of Document of Compliance

  • Annual safety management audits are to be carried out to maintain the validity of the Document of Compliance and should include examining and verifying the correctness of the statutory and classification records presented for at least one ship of each type to which the Document of Compliance applies. The purpose of these audits is to verify the effective functioning of the safety management system, and that any modifications made to the safety management system comply with the requirements of the ISM Code.
  • Annual verification is to be carried out within three months before and after each anniversary date of the Document of Compliance. A schedule not exceeding three months is to be agreed for completion of the necessary corrective actions.
  • Where the Company has more than one shore side premises, each of which may not have been visited at the initial assessment, the annual assessments should endeavour to ensure that all sites are visited during the period of validity of the Document of Compliance.