What is Admiralty List Of Radio Signals or ALRS Volume 1: NP – 281 and its contents?

ALRS VOLUME 1: NP – 281; Maritime Radio Station, Public Correspondence.

  1. Includes all frequencies and classes of emmisions.
  2. Information about medical advice by radio – inmarsat.
  3. Maritime Satellite Service.
  4. GMDSS
  5. Ship Reporting System.
  6. Piracy Reports.
  7. Radio Regulations
  8. Frequencies For GMDSS.

Maritime Declaration Of Health Form And Radio Quarantine.
Maritime Radio Stations
International And Telex Codes

PART 1:  Europe, Africa And Asia (Exclude Phillipines And Indonesia).

PART 2: Phillipines, Indonesia, America, Australia, Greenland And Iceland.