What is a Tackle?

Tackle is just the name given to (an assembly or) the system  of blocks and lines in such a way that  any force (pull) applied to its hauling part is increased by an amount depending on the number of sheaves in the blocks and the manner in which the rope is moving through them.

There are broadly  two types of  tackle, simple and compound.A simple tackle system is one where only a single line is used.A compound tackle will have more than one line reeved.The standing part of the line is the end of the fall, which is attached to one of the beckets.Falls are the parts of the line stretching between the blocks.The hauling part is the end of the line, leading from one of the blocks upon which the pull is exerted.The standing block is the one attached to a fixed object or support.The moving block is the one which is fastened to the object to be moved.

There are different types of tackles. e.g.


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