What information we get from Training Manual ?

Following instruction we get from training manual :

  1. Donning of lifejackets and immersion suits, as appropriate : 
  2. Muster at the assigned stations. 
  3. Boarding, launching, and clearing the survival craft and rescue boats, 
  4. Method of launching from within the survival craft
  5. Release from launching appliances ; 
  6. Methods and use of devices for protection in launching aras, where appropriate ; 
  7. Illumination in launching aras ; 
  8. Use of all survival equipment ; 
  9. Use of all detection equipment ; 
  10. With the assistance of illustrations, the use of radio life-saving appliances ; 
  11. Use of drogues ; 
  12. Use of engine and accessories ; 
  13. Recovery of survival craft and rescue boats including stowage and securing ; 
  14. Hazards of exposure and the need for warm clothing ; 
  15. Best use of the survival craft facilities in order to survive; 
  16. Methods of retrieval, including the use of helicopter, rescue gear (slings, baskets, stretchers), breeches, buoy and shore life-saving apparatus and ship’s line-throwing apparatus; 
  17. All other functions contained in the muster list and emergency instructions ; and 
  18. Instructions for emergency repair of the life-saving appliances. 


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