What information is contained in Guide to Port Entry ?

Guide to Port Entry contains information on over 5,000 ports, terminals and sub  ports worldwide. The information is highly structured and covers names (including alternate names and subports), location (country, state, island, position),  and information on Port Limits, Documents, Arrival, Approaches, Pilotage, Deep Sea Pilotage, Anchorages, Restrictions, Max. Size, Health, Radio, VHF, VTS, Radar, Tugs, Berthing, Berth, Mooring, Cargo Handling Facilities, Storage, Cranes, Bulk Cargo Facilities, Container Handling Facilities, Specialised Cargo Handling Facilities, Bridges, Stevedores, Medical, Tankers, Loading, LPG/LNG Facilities, Ballast, Pollution, Density, Fresh Water, Fuel, Fire Precautions, Consuls, Repairs, Dry Docks, Surveyors, Watchmen, Hatches, Certificates, Customs Allowances, Cargo Gear, Repatriation, Airport, Time, Holidays, Police/Ambulance/Fire, Emergency Co-ordination Centre, Telephones, Services, Banks, Storing, Ship Supply Service, Shore Leave, Identification Cards, Garbage Disposal, Waste Oil Disposal, Seamans Clubs, Currency, Regulations, Delays, Weather, Notices, Appendix, General, Developments, Agency, Report, Authority and Agent.