What are the stowage, launching and recovery requirements of rescue boat as per SOLAS?

According to SOLAS Chapter III, Reg. 14
Rescue boats shall be stowed:
  • in a state of continuous readiness for launching in not more than 5 min;
  • in a position suitable for launching and recovery;
  • so that neither the rescue boat nor its stowage arrangements will interfere with the operation of any survival craft at any other launching station; and
  • if it is also a lifeboat, in compliance with the requirements of regulation 13: stowage of survival crafts.
According to SOLAS Chapter III, Reg. 17
Rescue boat embarkation, launching and recovery arrangements are:
  • The rescue boat embarkation and launching arrangements shall be such that the rescue boat can be boarded and launched in the shortest possible time.
  • If the rescue boat is one of the ship’s survival craft, the embarkation arrangements and launching station shall comply with the requirements of
  • Regulation 11: embarkation arrangements and Regulation 12 Launching stations.
  • All rescue boats shall be capable of being launched with the ship making headway at speeds up to 5 knots in calm water.
  • Recovery time of the rescue boat shall be not more than 5 min in moderate sea conditions when loaded with its full complement of persons and equipment.
  • Rescue boat embarkation and recovery arrangements shall allow for safe and efficient handling of a stretcher case.