What are the requirements of rocket parachute flare?

Rocket parachute ( 12 pieces on bridge, 4 pieces in each lifeboat and liferaft)

According to Chapter III Visual Signals, 3.1 Rocket Parachute Flares of the LSA Code

The rocket parachute flare shall:

  • be contained in a water-resistant casing;
  • have brief instructions or diagrams clearly illustrating the use of the rocket parachute flare printed on its casing;
  • have integral means of ignition;
  • be so designed as not to cause discomfort to the person holding the casing
  • When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • The rocket shall, when fired vertically, reach an altitude of not less than 300m.
  • At or near the top of its trajectory, the rocket shall eject a parachute flare, which shall burn with a bright RED color;
  • burn uniformly with an average luminous intensity of not less than 30,000 cd;
  • have a burning period of not less than 40 s;
  • have a rate of descent of not more than 5 m/s;
  • not damage its parachute or attachments while burning.
  • Expires in 3 years from date of manufacture.