What are the requirements of Immersion Suit as per SOLAS?


Immersion suit is a protective suit which reduces the body   heat loss of a person wearing it in cold water.

  1.  With Lifejacket 
  2.  Without Lifejacket
  3.  Insulated
  4.  Non- insulated

Non Flammable and water proof material such that it shall not sustain burning or continues melting after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of 2 sec.


Internationally RED in colour, highly visible.

The immersion suit shall be so constructed such that:

General requirements:

  • it can be unpacked and donned without assistance within 2 min, taking into account any associated clothing, and a lifejacket if the immersion suit is to be worn in conjunction with a lifejacket;
  • it will cover the whole body with the exception of the face. Hands shall also be covered unless permanently attached gloves are provided;
  • it is provided with arrangements to minimize or reduce free air in the legs of the suit;
  • It allows to climb up and down a vertical ladder at least 5 m in length;
  • It allows to perform normal duties associated with abandonment;
  • It allows to jump from a height of not less than 4.5 m into the water without damaging or dislodging the immersion suit, or being injured;
  • It allows to swim a short distance through the water and board a survival craft.

An immersion suit made of material which has no inherent insulation shall be (in addition to the general requirements) :