What are the requirements of hand flare as per SOLAS?

Hand Flare. (6 pieces per life boat & life raft for F.G vessel, for short voyage 3 pieces.)

According to Chapter III Visual Signals, 3.2 Hand Flares of the LSA Code

The hand flare shall:

  • be contained in a water-resistant casing;
  • have brief instructions or diagrams clearly illustrating the use of the hand flare printed on its casing;
  • have a self-contained means of ignition;
  • be so designed as not to cause discomfort to the person holding the casing and not endanger the survival craft by burning or glowing residues when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • burn with a bright RED colour, 5-8 Nautical mile of visibility.
  • burn uniformly with an average luminous intensity of not less than 15,000 cd;
  • have a burning period of not less than 1 min;
  • continue to burn after having been immersed for a period of 10s under 100 mm of water.