What are the requirements for Pumproom entry?

  1. A permanently rigged rescue line and harness should be at the top of all cargo and transfer pump rooms (part of life saving appliance) (SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE).
  2. No fixed equipment fitted in the pump room should be operated if the gas LEL is in excess of 40%.
  3. Gas generation caused by oil in bilge’s may be reduced/minimised by spreading a layer of foam over the pump room bilge’s.
  4. Permission has been obtained from a Senior Officer.
  5. Ventilation should be provided for at least 15 minutes and remains in use throughout the period of entry.
  6. Means of communication must be established.
  7. Lifeline and Harness is ready for immediate use.
  8. A competent person is standby on top of the pump room to call for assistance.
  9. Advice the officer of entry and exit.
  10. Obtain explosimeter reading from the Bottom platform that it is free of toxic vapours along with regular checks (Incase of maintenance works)
  11. At least one compressed B.A set is ready for immediate use on top. (in case of maintenance works)
  12. Adequate illumination.
  13. One SCABA standby on top.
  14. ELSA at bottom platform.
  15. Explosimeter readings at various levels.
  16. Additional B.A set is ready for use close at work. (Incase of maintenance works)
  17. Have resuscitation equipment ready for immediate use close at work. (Incase of maintenance works).
  18. Chief Officer should personally supervise incase of an emergency.
  19. 19. The oxygen content of air is 21%. if the level falls to approximately 17% the atmosphere is unsafe.