What are the regulations for line throwing appliance (LTA), how many LTA required onboard? and the range of LTA?

According to SOLAS CH III, regulation 18,  Atleast ONE should be kept onboard.
According  to  LSA Code Chapter VII, regulation 7.1 Line Throwing Aplliances    
Every line-throwing appliance shall,
  • be capable of throwing a line with reasonable accuracy;
  • include not less than four projectiles each capable of carrying the line at least 230 m in calm weather;
  • include not less than four lines each having a breaking strength of not less than 2 kN;
  • have brief instructions or diagrams clearly illustrating the use of the line throwing appliance.
  • In addition, in the case of a pistol-fired rocket, the line and rockets together with the means of ignition shall be stowed in a container which provides protection from the weather.
  • The LTA is kept on BRIDGE. It has a rope kept in a cylinder which is spring loaded and when the cylinder is propelled by pressing lever, the spring is released and the rope turns out from cylinder which is kept in the direction of wind and at angle of 45°from the surface to achieve max projectile path.