What are the preparations when going to drop anchor?

1)  Ask engine room for deck and windlass power.
2)  Anchor party standby.
3)  Checks to be made:

  • Windlass oil, bottle screw, fair lead, capstan, bitter end and chain locker.
  • All moving  parts and gears on the windlass are well greased.
  • Anchor lashings at hawse pipe and cement at spurling pipe is clear.
  • Before switching on the windlass power ensure that the anchor breaks are tight and bow stopper is well secured and windlass is not in gear.
  • Check overside is clear and anchor sighted.
  • Anchor lights and shapes available.
  • When taking in anchor deck water.

4)  Switch on windlass. Put windlass in gear, slacken on break and take slight weight on the bow stopper.
5)  Clear away the bow stopper.
7)  Tighten breaks and disengage windlass from gear.
8)  Inform bridge, anchor is ready.