What are the Maritime Labour Certificate and the declaration of maritime labour compliance?

The Appendices to the Convention contain key model documents:

  •  A maritime labour certificate
  •  A declaration of maritime labour compliance.

The certificate would be issued by the flag State to a ship that flies its flag, once the State (or a recognized organization that has been authorized to carry out the inspections), has verified that the labour conditions on the ship comply with national laws and regulations implementing the Convention. The certificate would be valid for five years subject to periodic inspections by the flag State.

The declaration is attached to the certificate and summarizes the national laws or regulations implementing an agreed-upon list of 14 areas of the maritime standards and setting out the shipowner’s or operator’s plan for ensuring that the national requirements implementing the Convention will be maintained on the ship between inspections.The lists of the 14 areas that must be certified by the flag State and that may be inspected, if an inspection occurs, in a foreign port are also set out in the Appendices to the Convention.