What are the function checks of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)?

Function Checks:
  • Close cylinder valve.
  • Breathe normally to vent system.
  • During venting observe gauge – whistle alarm should sound at preset pressure of 55bar +/-5bar.
  • When gauge indicates ro, hold breath. Face piece should hold onto face indicating positive seal.
  • Open cylinder valve slowly, but fully to pressurize system.
  • Inhale and hold breath. Unit must balance, i.e. no audible leak.
  • Continue breathing. Expired air should easily flow out of exhalation valve.
  • Press center of rubber cover on demand valve checking supplementary supply.

Note: If leak detected, open cylinder valve, readjust head harness and retest.

During Use:

  • Cylinder pressure must not be less than 80% full.
  • Check gauge reading regularly. Whistle will sound at 55 bar +/- 5 bar.
  • When whistle sounds, exit and go to safe area, by shortest and safest route.
  • Do Not remove equipment until in safe area, clear of hazard.

After use:

  • Press reset lever to switch ‘Off’ positive pressure.
  • Press and hold down the button and remove the demand valve.
  • Removing mask: Insert index finger behind the tabs on the neck straps and press the buckles forwards with thumb, pulling the mask forward off your face and then up and back over your head.
  • Close cylinder valve and remove face piece.
  • Unbuckle waist belt, lift shoulder strap buckles to loosen, remove equipment.

Additionally following checks should be carried out:

  • Every month the air. bottles, bottle valves, reduction valve, intermediate hose, manometer, carrying back plate, the lung demand regulator, the warning alarm for withdrawal, and the breathing mask shall be examined and checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Every year all valves, sealing and speech membranes shall be checked.
  • Every second year the exhalation disc must be replaced. This should be done even if the mask has not been used.
  • Every five years the complete breathing apparatus shall be submitted to a major service check, which should include a major overhaul of the reduction valves in an authorized workshop .