What are the equipments carried in rescue boat as per SOLAS ?

The normal equipment of every rescue boat shall consist of:
  1. Sufficient buoyant oars or paddles to make headway in calm seas. Thole pins, crutches or equivalent arrangements shall be provided for each oar. Thole pins or crutches shall be attached to the boat by lanyards or chains;
  2. Boat hook =1;
  3. Bucket =1;
  4. Knife or hatchet =1;
  5. Buoyant bailer= 1;
  6. Binnacle containing an efficient compass =1, which is luminous or provided with suitable means of illumination;
  7. Sea-anchor and tripping line= 1, if fitted, with a hawser of adequate strength not less than 10 m in length;
  8. Painter of sufficient length and strength= 1, attached to the release device and placed at the forward end of the rescue boat;
  9. Buoyant line= 1, not less than 50 m in length, of sufficient strength to tow a liferaft ;
  10. Waterproof electric torch= 1, suitable for morse signalling, together with one spare set of batteries and one spare bulb in a waterproof container;
  11. Whistle or equivalent sound signal= 1;
  12. A first-aid outfit =1, in a waterproof case capable of being closed tightly after use;
  13. Buoyant rescue quoits = 2, attached to not less than 30 m of buoyant line;
  14. Searchlight= 1 with a horizontal and vertical sector of at least 60 and a measured luminous intensity of 2,500 cd which can work continuously for not less than 3 h;
  15. Efficient radar reflector = 1;
  16. Thermal protective aids sufficient for 10% of the number of persons the rescue boat is permitted to accommodate or two, whichever is the greater; and
  17. Portable fire-extinguisher= 1 suitable for extinguishing oil fires.