What are the documents required for the transportation of dangerous goods?

Following points should be considered when transporting dangerous goods:
  • In all documents relating to the carriage of harmful substances by sea where such substances are named, the correct technical name of each such substance shall be used (trade names alone shall not be used) and
  • The shipping documents supplied by the shipper shall include, or be accompanied by, a signed certificate or declaration that the shipment offered for carriage is properly packaged and marked, labeled or placarded as appropriate and in proper condition for carriage to minimize the hazard to the marine environment.
  • Each ship carrying harmful substances shall have a special list or manifest setting forth the harmful substances on board and the location thereof.
  • A detailed stowage plan which sets out the location of the harmful substances on board may be used in place of such special list or manifest.
  • Copies of such documents shall also be retained on shore by the owner of the ship or his representative until the harmful substances are unloaded.
  • A copy of one of these documents shall be made available before departure to the person or organization designated by the port State authority.
From these documents we come to know:
  • What is being carried?
  • Where it is stowed?
  • How to deal with emergencies?
  • How it is packed?