What are testing carried on lifting gears/plants?

Lifting gear should be tested by a ‘competent person’

  1. After installation
  2. After any major repairs
  3. Every 5 years

Lifting appliance are usually given a static test using a proof load or dynamometer (static test) , Proof load always exceeds the SWL (safe working load) by a given percentage or weight.

Code Of Safe Working Practices states that ‘a mass in excess of SWL should not be lifted unless’:

  • A test is required
  • The weight of the load is known and is the appropriate proof load
  • The lift is a straight lift by a single appliance
  • The lift is supervised by the competent person who would normally supervise a test and carry out a thorough examination
  • The competent person specifies in writing that the lift is appropriate in weight and other respects to act as a test of the plant, and agrees to the detailed plan for the lift
  • No person is exposed to danger.

Lifting plant must be ‘thoroughly examined’ by a competent person (Chief Officer)

  • After testing
  • At least once every 12 months

A ‘through examination’ means a detailed examination by a competent person, supplemented by stripping the gear down for inspection if this is judged necessary.