What are test carried out in Inert Gas System prior to Loading Operation ?

The Inert Gas system must be available for use at all times. To ensure its availability it must be operated, tested, and maintained at regular intervals, and in accordance with the vessels Planned Maintenance System. The stock of spare parts carried must be maintained at the appropriate level and whenever critical parts are used they must be re-ordered immediately.

All Inert Gas safety systems must be checked before use to ensure that correct operation is possible when required. These tests are described in the Inert Gas Operations and Equipment Manual and the manufacturer’s instructions, and must also include the following:-

  • Oxygen monitoring equipment must be calibrated and alarm points checked, this includes both portable and fixed equipment.
  • Automatic shut-down systems and valves checked.
  • Deck seal alarms tested.
  • Non return valves should be checked.
  • Hydrocarbon gas detectors should be checked and alarms tested.

Points to pounder :

  • An inert gas maintenance record is to be maintained during all above checks and testing
  • When the IG plant is not in use the inert gas main master valve or deck isolating valve must be closed.
  • An inert gas operation log is to be maintained by the responsible officer during use of the IG plant.


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