What are regulations for Machinery Installation as per SOLAS ?

Followings are point mentioned below for machinery installation as per SOLAS

(1) In every cargo ship, the machinery, boilers and other pressure vessels, and associated piping systems and fittings shall be of a design and construction adequate for the service for which they are intended and shall be so installed and protected as to reduce to a minimum any danger to persons on board, due regard being paid to moving parts, hot surfaces and other hazards. The design shall have regard to the materials used in construction, the purpose for which the equipment is intended, and the working conditions to which it will be subjected to and the environmental conditions on board.

(2) Where the arrangements of the main propulsion machinery are unconventional the Director General may require that a separate source of propulsion power shall be provided sufficient to give the ship a navigable speed.

(3)Provision shall be made whereby the normal operation of propulsion machinery can be sustained or restored when there is a breakdown of,

(a)The generating set which serves as a main source of electrical Power,
(b)The source of steam supply,
(c)The boiler feed water systems,
(d)The fuel oils supply system for boilers or engines.
(e)The sources of lubricating oil pressure.
(f)The sources of water pressure,
(g)Condensate pump and the arrangements to maintain vacuum in condensers,
(h)The mechanical air supply for boilers,
(i)An air compressor and receiver for starting or control purposes,
(j)The hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical means for control of main propulsion machinery including controllable pitch propellers, or
(k)Any other auxiliary system essential for propulsion ;

Provided that the Chief Surveyor with the Government of India may for the purpose of this sub rule, if satisfied that it is safe so to do, permit a partial reduction in propulsion capability from normal operation.

(4)The main and auxiliary machinery essential for the propulsion and safety of the ship shall be provided with effective means of control and the machinery shall be capable of being brought into operation when initially no power is available in the ship.

(5)Where risk from over-speeding of machinery should otherwise exist, two independent means of control, shall be provided to ensure that the safe speed is no exceeded ;
Provided that the Chief Surveyor with the Government of India may permit a single means of limiting the speed of machinery where he considers it safe to do so.

(6)Where main or auxiliary machinery or any parts of such machinery are subject to internal pressure, those parts shall, before being put into service for the first time, be subjected to a hydraulic test to a pressure suitably in excess of the working pressure having regard to,

(a) The design and the material of which they are constructed.
(b) The purpose for which they are intended to be used, and
(c) The working conditions under which they are intended to be used and such parts shall be maintained in an efficient condition.

(7)Main propulsion machinery and the all auxiliary machinery essential to the propulsion and the safety of the ship shall be designed to operate when the ship in upright and when inclined at angle of list up to and including 15 degrees either way under dynamic conditions (rolling) and simultaneously inclined dynamically (pitching) 7.5 degrees by bow or stern:

Provided that the Chief Surveyor with the Government of India may permit a reduction in the angles specified in the sub rule taking into considerations the type, size and service conditions of the ship.

(8)Access shall be provided to facilitate the cleaning inspection and maintenance of main propulsion and auxiliary machinery including boilers and pressure vessels.


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