What are preparations of bulk cargo hatch prior loading?

  1. Secure hatch openings and ensure safe access for grabs.
  2. Remove spar ceilings and stow them safely.
  3. Sweep out hold completely and remove all traces of previous cargo. Consider a fresh water rinse. Ensure that the hold is clear of all previous cargo prior to loading.
  4. Bilges-
    • Well cleaned.
    • Test suction.
    • Cover bilge lid with burlap and cement.
  5. Check water tightness and securing arrangements of hatches.
  6. Check ventilation arrangement.
  7. Ensure adequate lighting.
  8. Check moisture content is below transportable moisture limit.
  9. Check fire fighting / detection / alarm / and smothering system.
  10. Where fire hazard risk avails no source of ignition. Display appropriate placards.
  11. Post warning notices.
  12. Rig shifting boards if necessary.
  13. Rig cargo thermometers as necessary.
  14. Remove unwanted dunnage.