What are precaution when loading a heavy lift?

  • Ensure stability of vessel is adequate and maximum heel is acceptable. (Eliminate free surface) (large GM small Heel)(monitor practically during operation via inclinometer).
  • Rig extra mast stays as necessary.
  • Carefully check condition of derrick and gear before use. (Ensure free rotation of sheaves. Oil and grease as necessary. Ensure SWL of all gear adequate and have valid test certificates).
  • Rig fenders as necessary .
  • Ensure all moorings taut and have men standby to tend as necessary.
  • Put winches in double gear (for slow operation).
  • Clear area of the deck where the weight is to be landed of all obstructions and lay heavy dunnage to spread load.
  • Check ship’s data to ensure deck is strong enough to support load. (Deck load capacity plan)
  • Clear are of all but essential personnel.
  • Ensure winch drivers competent and fully aware of who is to give directions.
  • Secure steadying lines to corners of loads.
  • Remove rails if possible.
  • Cast off any barges alongside.
  • Inform all relevant personnel before lift begins 15. Raise gangway before lift commences.
  • Use lifting points – otherwise sling it, using dunnage for sharp corners .
  • Set tight steam guys before lifting .
  • When all ready take weight slowly then stop and inspect all around before lifting further.