What are MS-notices?

Merchant ship notices which are published by the MCA and recommendations contained in it should be complied with. It is a method by which the MCA promulgates information, which is quickly brought to the attention of seafarers, management and those associated with the industry.

They are divided into three categories:

  1. Merchant Shipping Notices (white coloured):
    •  Convey mandatory information that must be complied with under UK law. In other words they explain and amplify statutory requirements.
  2. Marine Guidance Notices (blue coloured):
    •  SOLAS, MARPOL, etc.
  3. Marine Information Notes (green coloured):
    •  Administrative information aimed at training establishments.
    • Each notice will be affixed as follows:
      1. (M): for merchant ships
      2. (F): for fishing vessels
      3. (M+F): for merchant ships and fishing vessels.