What are modes of Steering Gear?


  • Follow Up
  • Non-Follow Up

steering system


Follow Up Mode

  • This is the Principal mode of steering.
  • In this mode, the rudder Follows the wheel. If the rudder is put 10° to Starboard, the rudder will follow to 10° to Stbd and remain there as long as wheel is kept to 10° to Stbd.
  • To bring the rudder to ‘Midship’, the wheel will have to be brought to ‘Midship’.
  • This mode is followed in the following methods of steering
    • The hand steering mode in which the steering wheel sets the rudder angle,
    • Auto-steering mode in which the wheel order is automatically generated depending upon the difference between the ordered course and the actual course

Non-Follow Up Mode 

  • This mode of steering is not done with a steering wheel but with a NFU Lever.
  • The NFU lever does not have any markings. As long as it is kept pressed, the rudder will continue turning and stop the moment the lever is released.
  • This mode is used when ships telemotor system fails. In that case, the NFU lever sends rudder setting directly to the Control Unit.
  • To return the rudder to the midship, the NFU lever will have to be pressed to the opposite side of the initial movement and kept pressed till the rudder is amidship.