What are information generated when ship Pushes SSAS Button?

The following particular information are generated automatically once SSAS is activated onboard:

a) Ship’s name
b) IMO number
c) UTC Date & Time
d) MMSI number
e) Position in Lat & Long.
f) A short message indicating the type of threat under threat if the circumstances permit. 


As  soon as the notification of Ship Security Alert is received, the verification / authenticity of the alert shall be verified by the communication centre to the extent possible. Once the  communication centre receives a confirmed notification of a SSA it will notify the concerned agencies of the coastal states in case the vessel is outside India, otherwise the same will be  informed to the nearest agency concerned.  

The ship security alert when activated shall transmit the alert at communication center. Once activated the SSAS should continue to transmit unless reset or deactivated. The frequency of transmission of alert should be transmitted at intervals not exceeding 30 minutes.


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