What are heavy weather preparations/ Checklist for heavy weather preparation?

  1. Inform Master, E/R, Crew and other departments such as Galley etc.
  1. When Master on Bridge – ask him if required to plot alternate course, show him the recent Wx reports, square and secure up the bridge, wear proper PPE and organize respective crew with their PPE on.
  1. Check whether all movable objects been secured above and below decks particularly in E/R, Galley and store rooms, paint locker, boson store.
  1. Check whether ships accommodation been secured and all ports and deadlights closed.
  1. Boat deck – life boat well secured, check gripes.
  1. Check for Wx deck openings being secured – hatch Acers, doors, air and bilge pipe to be covered, sounding caps to be closed, mooring winches to be covered electrical ckts.
  2. further on deck
    • rigging of safety line or hand rope on the deck on both the sides from fwd to aft
    • hatches to be batten down
    • gangway to be extra lashed and properly secured
    • closing of all watertight doors
    • loose mooring ropes to be in and lashed
    • all loose gears, drums etc to be secured and lashed
    • anchor to be extra lashed and secured, spuring pipe to be covered
    • Scuppers and outlets to be kept open on deck
    • Soundings must be checked
    • Everything checked and done must be logged down and inform Master
    • Ballast condition to be checked and conveyed with C/O and Master
    • S.E. to be reduced
    • Cargo gear lashings with hook
    • Cargo lashings to be tightened if loaded.
  3. Crew to be warned to avoid using / going to upper deck areas as it is dangerous in heavy Wx instructions to be issued on following: monitoring Wx reports, transmitting Wx reports to the appropriate authorities or in case of tropical storms, danger messages in accordance with SOLAS