What are Anti pollution measures following emergencies?

Action in case of pollution
  1. Activate the alarm.
  2. Stop all cargo operations and close valves and hatches.
  3. Plug all scuppers.
  4. If alongside a berth, notify the terminal staff and possible risk posed to personnel.
  5. Notify local port authorities, usually through the terminal staff.
  6. Clear all non-essential personnel from the area.
  7. Close all accommodation access doors, and stop all non-closed circuit ventilation.
  8. Arrange for main engines and steering gear to be brought to stand-by.
  9. Repair damage and leaking areas.
  10. Pump out surplus to barges or other vessels or transfer to other tanks internally.
  11. Organise oil pollution barrier and chemical dispersants.
  12. Consider listing or trimming vessel to bring damaged portion over water line.