What are advantages and disadvantages of Gyro Compass?

Gyro Advantage:
  • It always shows true north.
  • The gyro will have a number of repeaters.
  • Gyro input can be fed to RADAR/ARPA/AUTO PILOT/ Echo Sounder.
  • Does not use earth’s magnetic field for reference.
  • It will not deflected by any external force such as magnet, iron etc.
Gyro disadvantage:
  • It is run with electrically, so when electricity fails gyro also fails.
  • If the axle was out by more than 20 degree, then It might take 5 to 6 hrs to settle down but if its only 1 degree out, then it takes about 1/2 hr to settle down.
  • When gyro compass stops for any reason , it will take some time to settle. depends on where the axle was when gyro was started.

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