What is ASD or Admiralty Sailing Direction and its contents?

74 volumes the suppliments of whose, are published every two , three or five years interval.(R2, R3 & R5 can be obtained from admiralty catalogue.)

Here , R2 means published at 2 years interval.
           R3 means published at 3 years interval.
           R5 means published at 5 years interval.

  1. Popularly known as pilots.
  2. Provide valuable information that may be needed by a mariner regarding any area.
  3. Various navigable areas all over the world are covered by different ASD volumes.
  4. A diagrammatic key showing boundaries of geographical areas covered by different volumes may be found in admirality chart catalogue
  5. Gneral information about any area and knowledge of local regulations, climatic conditions, anchorages, port facilities, harbour approaches etc may be easily acquired by reading the appropriate volume.
  6. Corrections to ASD are found in section 4 of weekly notices to mariners.
  7. Those in force at the end of the year are reprinted in the annual notices to mariners.
  8. Each succesive publication supercedes the previous one.