Requirements of fire fighting equiments

  1. Boiler room:
    • One set of portable foam applicator unit required.
    • At least 2 portable fire extinguisher
    • At least 1 approved foam type extinguisher of capacity 135 liters.
    • A receptacle containing sand or sawdust impregnated with soda.
    • Any fixed fire-extinguishing system – e.g. CO2, foam, water spray.
  2. Spaces with internal combustion machinery:
    • Any fixed extinguishing system.
    • At least 1 set of foam applicator unit.
    • Sufficient number of foam type extinguisher capacity 45 liters plus sufficient number of portable foam so placed that walking distance between extinguishers not more than 10 meters.
  3. High expansion foam: (fixed type system in machinery space)
    • Sufficient to fill the greatest space to be protected at a rate of at least 1 meter in depth / minute.
    • Produce a volume of foam equal to 5 times the volume of the space.
    • Expansion ratio of not less than 5 liters/m2/minute.
  4. Sprinklers:
    • Application rate of not less than 5 liters/m2/minute.