Releasing of CO2 at Sea

Co2 is only released when fire is out of control. 
Action before releasing of co2  
  1. Seal engine room.
  2. All ventilation to be closed.
  3. fuels and boiler within engine room to be shut down.
  4. Evacuate and seal the engine room. Head count.
  5. Check out the amount of CO2 required to be injected as per the planned injection information (found in CO2 room and remote station).
  6. Open fire cabinet door causing alarm to activate.
  7. Operate fire handle mechanism to fire the pilot bottles, which fires the bank of bottles in the engine room. Ensure hold valves are closed. 
Operational procedure for releasing co2
  1. Evacuate all personnel
  2. Batten down and seal ventilation
  3. Stop all fans, fuel supply and boilers
  4. Sound audible and visual alarm
Limitation Of  Co2  System
  1. Once used no replenishment at sea
  2. Isolation necessary (asphyxiation)
  3. No inspection to observe results   
Planned Injection Information  CO2
  1. CO2 arrangement plan.
  2. Procedure of firing.
  3. Number of bottles designated for each place protected.
  4. Number of non return valves.
Action  After Releasing CO2
  1. Always advisable to wait before carrying out an investigation.
  2. Maintain boundary cooling and observe temperature at various levels.
  3. Once a distinct fall in temperature has been observed an internal inspection and assessment may be carried out.
  4. Breathing apparatus to be donned when entering the space. Checks on breathing apparatus, 2/E and oiler to enter.
  5. Inspection to be carried out with spray fire fighting equipment, safety line and communication checked prior to entry.
  6. Once it has been confirmed that fire has been brought under control an additional assessment by chief engineer.
  7. When both opinions agreed upon damage control party to be sent in for cooling down work. Learn CO2 arrangement system diagram, has been asked before.
CO2 Three Way Valve:
  1. Samples of smoke pass through a three way valve to the smoke detector system.
  2. This valve is shut but sample passes into the smoke detector.
  3. Once it is confirmed that there is fire open the valve.
  4. Smothering gas or CO2 can be injected into the hold via the valve.


Emergency Stop Valve
  1. This is usually of quick closing type. It fitted between the settling tank and the cold filters.
  2. This valve has an extended spindle or of remote control type to the deck to enable the oil to be shut off in the case of a fire out break.