Precaution /Checklist for navigation in Restricted Visiblity(RV)

This checklist is to be completed by the officer on Watch on each occasion that restricted visibility is encountered and a Log Entry made. 

  • Has the following equipment been brought into operation.
    • Radar / ARPA or Other Plotting Facilities.
    • Manual Steering. 
    • VHF.
    • Fog Signalling Apparatus. 
    • Navigation Lights.
    • Echo Sounder, If in soundings( shallow water) .
    • Watertight Doors as appropriate.
  • Helmsman on stand by .
  • Have Lookouts been posted.
  • Have The Master And The Engine Room been informed.
  • Are The 1972 International Regulations For Preventing Collisions At Sea being complied with, particularly with regard to proceeding at a Safe Speed and RULE 19.
  • Has the possiblity of anchoring been considered.