Methods for Improving & Maintaining Safety Awareness

  1. Films:-  Screening of safety movies
  2. Posters:-  Bringing particular dangers to the attention of the crew members
  3. Publications:-  Safety publications, safety on ships, personal survival at sea, etc.
  4. Informal talks:-  Talking to sections of the crew to bring awareness
  5. Maintenance of safety equipment:-  Involving as many people as possible in the maintenance of safety equipment’s.
  6. Fire patrols:-  Particular attention to be paid to patrolling the accommodations between 2300 hours and 0600 hours.
  7. Marine safety cards:-  These cards highlight particular dangers on board ship.
  8. Accident records:-  Details of accidents should be posted on notice boards as an accident prevention aid.
  9. Days without accident board:-  Post notices stating the number of days since the occurrence of the last accident.
  10. Safety quiz:-  Open to individual with a suitable prize being awarded.
  11. ‘Permit to work’ system:- Importance of strict compliance with the permit should be emphasised.