What is Mariner’s Handbook(NP 100) and its chapters/contents?

Mariner’s Handbook(NP 100) is a comprehensive guide to seamanship and key aspects of maritime navigation. Content includes essential information on charts and their use, the communication of navigational information, the maritime environment, restrictions to navigation and maritime pollution and conservation

Chapter 1: United Kingdom hydrographic office, surveying and charting

Chapter 2: Admiralty charts

Chapter 3: Admiralty publications.

Chapter 4: Promulgation of info by and rendering info to ukho

Chapter 5: The sea- ocean currents, tidal streams, tides etc.

Chapter 6: Ice

Chapter 7: Meteorology

Chapter 8: International organisation

Chapter 9: Constraints on navigation

Chapter 10: Marine pollution and conservation

Chapter 11: Navigation and aids to navigation

Chapter 12: Military operations

Chapter 13: Commercial operations