List the number of documents which are handed over by relieved C/E during signing off from a vessel.

Number of documents which are handed over:
  1. list of status of surveys/certificates, quarterly listings .
  2. condition of class stated if any.
  3. handing over report.
  4. fuel oil/ diesel oil/ lube oil soundings confirm actual figures .
  5. voyage requirements for fuel/lubes.
  6. oil record book.
  7. bunker consumption record and charter party requirements.
  8. PMS status of main/auxiliary/ electrical machineries.
  9. spares on board. 
  10. stores on board .
  11. alarm checklist.
  12. critical equipment check list.
  13. list of precision instruments on board .
  14. records of PSC inspection.
  15. cargo equipments maintenance records. 
  16. NOx technical file.
  17. Bunker delivery notes .
  18. special tools list.
  19. list of manuals / drawings available on board .
  20. training records.