How to take over navigational watch at night ?

  • Go to chart room at least 15 min before time.
  • Inspect chart CMG/SMG during past hours.
  • Check course to steer during watch and positions of course alterations, expected depth of water, dist. To pass dangers, characteristics of lights, time of rising and dipping.
  • Read and sum Masters order book.
  • Check weather report.
  • Inspect compass error book and make sure compass error is being applied correctly.
  • Ensure navigation lights all working by looking at each one and the sentinel.
  • Check sounding of depth of water and confirm with charted depth.
  • Check R.P.M. indicator.
  • Check course recorder.
  • Ensure watch on VHF ch 16.
  • Keep check on look out man and make sure he is alert.
  • Identify shore lights if any.
  • Check setting of auto pilot.
  • Understand the traffic movement on sight.
  • Receive compass heading from outgoing officer.
  • Compare compasses.
  • Check pictures on radar and get accustomed to it.
Soon after taking over watch
  • Check position of vessel is correct.
  • Compare compasses.
  • Lookout man is alert.
  • Read logbook after outgoing officer leaves the bridge.
  • Confirm for any stand by orders by master.