How to lower enclosed lifeboat?

  • Gripes should remove.
  • Tricing pendant is on.
  • Plug is shipped.
  • Over side is clear.
  • People in the boat are holding the lifelines.
  • No body is standing in the dangerous position.
  • Safety harbour pins out and gripes are clear.
  • On hearing Master’s verbal order Coxswain will boarding passengers (Women and children first).
  • Make sure that every body seated as low as possible in the boat and their hands are clear from the gunwale and they should be distributed equally in the boat.
  • They are holding life lines, clear and nothing on the surface of water.
  • If motor boat make sure engine is started .
  • Slack off the bowsing tackles and let go.
  • Lower the boat.
  • Unhook the falls.
  • Pick up launching crew by side ladder.
  • Clearing of boat under oars from ship’s side.