How passage planning is done in confined waters?

For navigation in confined waters, the Master shall consider the following matters in planning a passage:

  1. Presence / Absence of special navigational rules and items to report. 
  2. The draft of the vessel and the navigable sea area.
  3. Passing time of danger points (Daylight / Night-time).
  4. The vessel’s maneuvering ability.
  5. Information from the sailing directions, coast pilot, and so on.
  6. The effect of squat and the need to keep sufficient under keel clearance. 
  7. Expected tides and tidal currents.
  8. Weather conditions and countermeasures against restricted visibility.
  9. Use of navigation aids to maintain Continuous monitoring of vessels position, such as setting of Parallel Index line or ARPA Mapping, etc 
  10. The traffic density including the presence of fishing and the countermeasures 
  11. Any necessity for adjustment of the vessel’s speed.