Explain procedure for launching liferaft manually (Throw Overboard)?

Follow the procedure to lower the life raft in case of any emergency:

  • First of all take out painter from life raft almost 80% of the total length.
  • Now fasten it to ship side on deck and make sure it should not be loose.
  • Now remove railing and clear the way for launch.
  • Unfasten the ship hook from cradle,
  • Two person will lift raft container from its cradle and throw it overboard ( make sure painter point will be ship side)
  • Now after thrown take out remaining painter from raft and after that give sharp pull, but until the raft inflate ( Regulation says that it will inflate within 1 to 3 min depend on ambient temp ) Now with the help of same painter pull it to ship side,
  • Now lower the embarkation ladder or if height is less then jump into water, you can directly jump into raft if the height is not more than 4.5 m from water line, and also by using embarkation ladder
  • Go down and jump it inside, or swim some distance and climb up in raft.( but if you are in cold weather try to avoid getting wet, keep yourself dry as much as possible)
  • Sit in orderwise means face by face, so that not to unbalance the raft,
  • Take SART and EPIRB along with you.
  • After all person get inside head count must be taken,
  • Now immediately cut the painter by using knife, and using paddle or sea anchor get clear off the ship (because as ship will start to sink there will be low pressure created in water nearby area of ship and the raft can possibly imbalance.