Explain procedure for launching liferaft by davit?

Liferaft launching procedure by davit:
  • Remove ship’s hand rail or gate.
  • Unlash the container for launch, REMEMBER INBOARD mark should be ship side
  • Lower davit hook and make it lock with lifting shackle.
  • Secure canister or container lines outboard.
  • Secure bowsing line.
  • Pull out approx 5-6 meter of painter line.
  • Secure painter line.
  • Now pull full length of painter.
  • Now lift the life raft canister upto some height.
  • Now pull the painter and give sharp pull to inflate life raft.
  • Make sure the opening of canopy means access should be ship side.
  • Now secure the life raft.
  • Embark the life raft and seat evenly.
  • Now release bowsing line and pass to raft.
  • Check launching area is clear.
  • Lower the raft using brake release.
  • You can operate hook release 1 m above the water or allow the raft to touch the water and load will reduce from hook and it will release itself.
  • Now cut painter and use sea anchor or paddle to clear the area immediately.
  • Make sure to carry SART and EPIRB.