EXERCISE 28 — AZIMUTH SUN (Numerical Solution)


Naming of Azimuth:  The prefix N or S is the name same as C whereas suffix E or W depends on the value of LHA. If LHA is between 0 to 180, the body lies to the WEST and if it is between 180 and 360, the body lies to the EAST.

Azimuth = S 76.9˚E
T Az= 103.1˚ (T)
C Az = 100.0˚ (C)
Error = 3.1˚ E
Variation = 8.0˚ E
Deviation= 4.9˚ W


The calculation of deviation is elementary chartwork. It can be easily calculated by referring the following simple formulae: Error – Variation = Deviation

Where, if error & variation are of same names then subtract and retain name. If of contrary names, then add and retain the name of the larger one.

  1. On 22nd Sept 2008, PM at ship in DR 18˚ 20’ N 085˚ 40’ E, the azimuth of the sun was 265˚(C) when the GPS clock showed 10h 09m 38s. If variation was 2˚W, calculate the deviation of the compass.

d     h     m      s

GMT                   22    10    09    38
LIT (E)                 05    42    40
LMT                    22   15     52     18

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