Enclosed spaces (permit to work)

  • Permit to work form must be used for any jobs which might be hazardous.
  • It states work to be done and safety precautions.
  • Safety instructions are written down and given to persons associated with the job.
  • The permit should contain a checklist to identify and eliminate hazards plus arrangements for emergency procedures in case of any accidents.
  • The permit should be issued by a responsible officer and must ensure that all checks have been properly carried out and signed only when he is satisfied that it is safe to work.
  • An enclosed space will include cargo tank, ballast tank, cofferdam, bunker tank, fresh water tank, duct keel etc., which may contain toxic vapours or insufficient oxygen to support life.
  • No one must enter an enclosed space without first obtaining permission from the Proper Officer.
  • Any sort of entry into enclosed space should only be carried out when permission has been obtained by master or chief officer and persons entering are experienced.
  • Before making entry the following to be checked and approved by the Master.