Checks prior to enclosed Spaces Entry.

  1. Adequate ventilation and illumination.
  2. Atmosphere tested and found safe.
  3. Spaces to be visited.
  4. Space secured for entry.
  5. S.C.A.B.A. sets available at entry (apparatus tested).
  6. Responsible person available at all times at entry point.
  7. Names of all personnel entering.
  8. Communication –Person entering, tank top, bridge
  9. Anticipated time of completion of entry.
  10. Personnel protective equipment to be used.
  11. Where required breathing apparatus to be used.
  12. Testing equipment available for regular checks: 
    • O2 Analyser – Oxygen deficiency
    • Explosimeter – Measures explosive limits
    • Tank Scope – Measures oxygen in inert atmosphere
    • Dragger Tubes – Measures oxygen if correct tube fitted (also measures the presence of various toxic gases).