Checks Prior to Donning of Breathing Apparatus ( SCBA / BA SET)

  1. Ensure bypass v/v is fully closed.
  2. Open cylinder valve to check if cylinders are fully charged, whistle will be heard as the pressure rises.
  3. Close cylinder valve. Provided it does not fall to zero in less than 30 sec then the set is leak tight
  4. Demist mask visor with anti dim solution.
  5. Don apparatus put on mask and open cylinder valves.
  6. Inhale deeply twice or thrice to ensure that air is flowing freely from the demand v/v and the exhalation valve is functioning correctly.
  7. Close cylinder v/v and inhale until air in the mask is exhausted. Now inhale deeply, the mask must collapse on the face indicating an airtight fitness of both mask exhalation v/v.
  8. Reopen cylinder v/v.