Checks for safe Means of Access

  1. Gangway not to be at an inclination of more than 30o to the horizontal.
  2. Accommodation ladder not to be at an angle of inclination of more than 55 o to the horizontal.
  3. Staunchions, rails, intermediate guides, lifelines to be properly rigged and free of damage.
  4. Safety net free of damage and properly rigged.
  5. Bottom platform horizontal to jetty.
  6. Gangway area properly illuminated.
  7. Lifebuoy with S.I light and line, heaving line with rescue quoit available at access area.
  8. Gangway free of any obstruction or slippery substance.
  9. Gangway wires (free of damage) and all rollers moving freely.
  10. “No Smoking” and  “No Unauthorised Persons” signs displayed.
  11. Fire wallet available at gangway.
  12. Gangway not to be unattended at any times.