Checklist for anchor watch

Following are the basic check item that should be taken into account by deck officer while performing anchor watch

  1.  Instruction from the Master or Chief Officer
  2.   Ships position as per swinging circle as marked on chart
  3.  Signals, lights, and shapes now in use Is deviation of the vessel’s current position from measured position within the value given by master?
  4. Is under keel clearance being monitored and any change in UKC on similar heading investigated?
  5. Are VHF receivers set to the correct working / watch channels?
  6. Is there any ship (anchored or underway) that is likely to collide with own vessel.
  7. Is anchor chain monitored for excess weight?
  8. Reporting and record of necessary matters?
  9. Is the accommodation ladder raised to deck level when not in use?
  10. Is safety net fitted properly?
  11. Is lighting sufficient?
  12. Are any small crafts approaching vessel (ISPS watch maintained)?
  13. Visitors identity, number, and business
  14. Is any oil floating on sea around the vessel?
  15. Necessary items entered in Logbook?